This year’s election results…

I wrote this originally on Facebook Wed, 11/9/2016 after Donald Trump shook up the world.

Democrat leaders and candidates of the future please take note, you and your candidates cannot insult, demean, disgust, deny, ignore, or count out the average American and then expect to win, you did not win the House, you did not win the Senate, you did not win Governorships in any States this way, the Republican losses this time around were from flawed candidates (except for flawed Trump who won but was on message about the common folk) and not your policies as you want to think, you ignored a vast majority of average Americans who do not want to see the Country turn into Europe or extremely liberal as you think we do, this election was a loud warning to those that think it otherwise, heed that warning or you will have a long time of Republicanism governing you. Obama’s fiats and high handedness were seen to be distasteful not just from Republicans as polls showed, and we did not want more of the same from Hillary. Americans, average Americans, will not allow you to run roughshod over us no matter what you think of us. We have spoken, not the liberal, just the average Joe of whom you continually call racist, bigot, misogynistic, ignorant, uneducated backwoods rednecks, gun toting, bible thumping pond scum of which you generally sneer at and try to ignore, well as I said, we have spoken. Do you hear us now?

Liberals have had a pretty easy run this last 8 years getting their policies in place by laws, court fights, fiats from a liberal President, the average American whose voice you just heard yesterday is tired of that type of back door policy making, if you truly want acceptance and your own place in this world you must fight every day for it, not with under handed tactics, but with WORK, and DETERMINATION, SWEAT AND TEARS! You have to build your base and defense and then go on the offensive of changing minds and hearts, not from a lawsuit, not from a law. Learn this lesson, for your sake and your piece of minds, learn from this.

You have two choices, you can riot in the streets as we saw already in certain areas, or you can get on with HELPING us all rebuild our torn apart Country, you liberals are supposed to be the all inclusive peoples but yet you continually try to elect candidates that want to divide us further into smaller and smaller groups first then claim we are all Americans second, the difference is Conservatives or Republicans that you ridicule and degrade for claiming to be Americans FIRST are the true backbone of this Country, you don’t have to like it, but you need to accept it and help us all work to simply live our lives together in the American Dream, no matter what that dream is for you, no matter how you want to achieve that dream, you can do it here, because us deplorables and pond scum want the same thing, there is enough room in this country for us all to co-exist, Republican leadership tried everything they could to deny us the average Joe, they fought tooth and nail against people wanting to break the power structure up, they in Washington like the Democrats forgot about the average citizen and I think they will pay for that as well in the years to come. So my fine liberal friends and family, of which I value you just as much as my conservative friends and family, I say take some time to decompress, lick your wounds, and get on board to help heal a Nation that has been torn asunder by “leadership” of BOTH parties, you and only you are the only ones that can help bring us ALL together, not the new President, not the House or Senate or Supreme Court, you the average citizen, libertarian, democrat, liberal, conservative or republican alike, you. White, Black, Yellow, Red, Purple, Green, Gray, gay, straight, trans, man, woman, Americans all.