Je t’aime Paris

As I type this, Paris police and military are combing thru piles of bodies trying to determine who is who. Islamist militants attacked Paris at 7 different sites, a soccer match, a music concert, a shopping mall and restaurants. So far 140 confirmed dead, many missing or unaccounted for and many in critical condition, the number will rise.

No one is saying it has anything to do with the recent influx of “refugees” from Syria and the Middle East but one can only speculate that it does.

This has to stop. This idiocy of spanking these people with kid gloves has to end, we need to Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! We need to get serious about security and build a wall and go more on the offensive to dig these scumbags out of the spider holes they are living in. Let no nation be safe, no cave be safe, no hole be safe. Build a fence, protect our borders and do what is right rather than debate and cry racism and other idiotic platitudes. Get real people, we live in a very dangerous world and becoming more dangerous every single day.

Je t’aime Paris, bless those departed souls and your people that are hurting. Burn in anger, seek revenge. Do not hide from these terrorists, stand the wall and do what is right. Do what is necessary to protect your people, remove the threats from the world.