Thanksgiving.. not just a time to feed your face… a double edged sword for some.

Let me start off with Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I have many things to be thankful for. Here are just a few…

Someone that loves me in spite of my failures and problems and hangups, no idea why she still does. Family that cares about me. Good friends. A home. A truck. Food to eat. A Country where I am able to freely express myself and live the life I choose to live.

Yes, some of those are basic and most people don’t think about what they mean to them or what they mean to their lives, anyone that has those basic things and not so basic things are truly blessed. Some are not so lucky to have the basics or someone who cares or loves them, if you know someone like that in this Holiday season please reach out to them and let them know someone in this world cares if they live or die, it could not only make them happy but even save a life.

As I get older and my parents and other family members I love get older it makes me thankful for another holiday to spend with them or hear from them. A good friend of mine and their family lost their Dad/Grandpa yesterday the day before Thanksgiving, it was a shock to them all, he left some beautiful and wonderful granddaughters and wonderful daughters that will miss him a great deal. Luckily they kept in close contact and knew they loved each other, so many are not so lucky as to know their loved ones love them or keep in contact with them until one passes or until it is too late to say something so simple as I Love You. So as you are fat and full of Thanksgiving meals take a few minutes and contact your family and loved ones to let them know you LOVE them, it can mean the world to someone.

I am lucky in life especially now that I am starting to feel that I am aging to have someone special in my life that loves me, I don’t talk about that all that much but Teri knows I love her, she knows because I tell her daily, sure we have had our ups and downs along the bumpy road and will continue to do so, but she is someone I will grow old with, time is coming soon now when she will be able to move down here and things will be different, a really good kind of different in both of our lives. I look forward to that day, I can’t wait for that day and all the days to come until the end.

I don’t often say it in public or let my feelings show in public but it feels right now to say Teri, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND ALL OF MY SOUL!

See to those reading this, it doesn’t hurt at all to say things like that, to let the ones you love know is a simple matter but can mean so much.

In contacting family and friends today I was able to get a few messages from and to my friend Frank who is in the Army and stationed so very far from his loving wife and beautiful little girl, it always pains me to think of those men and women so far away from home without their loved ones during the holidays, so many owe them so much and fail to even let those men and women know we care and to simply thank them for their service.

To all those that serve this land and have served I thank you, thank you for our Freedom, thank you for your and your families sacrifices, I honor those that have been lost protecting our Freedom and Country.

Thanksgiving, yes I have a lot to be thankful for, some of you that read this are some of those things I am thankful for.