9/11 13 years later.

9/11. As time goes by, most Americans seem to remember this tragedy less and less, I however am the opposite, it hurts and bothers me more and more especially as our current President just does not learn from the past. I have great fear that we will be hit soon by another cowardly act like 9/11 if we do not as a Nation get SERIOUS about our border issues and about our generational war in the Mid-East. Folks we will be in the Mid-East militarily for years and years if not forever, as a student of warfare and history, we simply have to read about the past to see why we are in a generational war in the Mid-East. Make no mistake about it, we ARE in a generational war in the Mid-East. When you have a group of peoples who are still fighting a “Holy War” the SAME war as they were fighting in the Crusades times then you really should realize we are in this for the long haul. It may not be a popular thing, but it is war, when is war popular? You may not like that we are in a “holy war” but we are, you may not agree with us being in this war, but we are, you may be ashamed that your Country is in a war like this but none of that matters, we are here. It is real, it is long term, it will be handed down to your children and probably grand children.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise around the world and here in our country, Christianity and its founding basic principles that our Country was built on are being attacked daily here in our Country and around the world, that again, is nothing new, look over the past you will see principled nations such as ours come and go and usually destroy themselves from within, sound familiar? We have a at best apathetic view building against Israel in our Country and a apathetic view of our Military and the wars it fights. We have a major disconnect with out Government and how it is run. We have a ME FIRST and what can I get out of Society taking over our Country, our education system is littered with ineptitude and stuck in a Political Correctness that will lead to its ultimate failure. We have our Local, State and Federal Governments taking away freedoms we fought so hard for daily, not many seem to care or are too busy texting or tweeting their MOST IMPORTANT NEWS like they just got a 7 Dollar coffee and it took them 10 minutes longer then it should have, most see it as being ok since it is the “nice” way or the political correct thing to do because we MUST be a nicer more “advanced” society, again folks look at History, the most advanced peoples of any era in History destroy themselves from within. We are heading there if we continue to let the idiocy of political correctness destroy the very fabric of our nation, if we let our Government continue to take away our freedoms, if we let ourselves only be concerned with our fellow citizens and how they relate to each other rather then how they strive to live a better life and continue to build upon our Freedoms and make our Country stronger then we too are doomed and the First Responders and the Soldiers who stand watch over us and protect us are fighting and dying for NOTHING.

Soldiers do things in far away lands you can’t or won’t do to try to as best they can protect the homeland from attacks from foreign powers or peoples. Think about that really for a minute folks, think about what our Brave Men and Women are out there right NOW doing, they are like you, just people, with homes, mortgages, wives/husbands, children, pets, bills, hopes and dreams, they have instead of going out there for THEMSELVES in this me me me world, they have done something different, they have gone out there for US as a Nation and as freedom loving people. They are out there right now in places and hell holes all around the world places you hear about and many you don’t, doing things you see on tv and many many things you don’t. On this day of tragedy and reflection I thank them all, I thank you the selfless First Responders who ran up those burning stairs KNOWING they would not get out to help your fellow American, selfless acts. I thank the American Soldier, Marine, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard that are out there right now protecting us from the same people who attacked us on this day 13 years ago.

America if we don’t get our act together then those people that died trying to save lives and those Soldiers that have sacrificed their lives since 9/11 have died in vain and that is the true tragedy, that we would even dare to begin to let those people die in vain and for nothing if we don’t do OUR part in this generational war, no matter what it takes, we must do our part. We must at every turn say ENOUGH, this will stop and stop NOW, we must secure our Borders and be allowed to truly take the fight to these people no matter where they hide on Earth, President Bush had it right on many many things and we are seeing the fallout from his warning what would happen if the Nation did not have the resolve to do what needed to be done in Iraq and Afghanistan and wherever the “evil doers” seek shelter, we are reaping that cowardly field that our current President and his idiotic policies have sewn across the world. Indeed as “someone” once said, “America’s chickens are coming home to roost”, and if we don’t put a stop to it, it will be the end of “America” as we know it. And sadly many idiots in our Country think that the ending of America as we KNOW it is a good thing.