The day the strong weep. The day the World stood still. Another day that will live in infamy. I woke with a heavy heart as I do every year on this date, my hear still hurts for those souls lost, my eyes still weep for those brave men and women that ran into the smoke and fire and chaos to help. I think every year this is the year I don’t hurt or weep but it is still there, a silent pain echoing through time. How soon some forget, how soon some wish to forget, how soon some try to cover up who was responsible and who continues to threaten us at every turn, take heed the wisdom of history I beg of you, take heed of those hardest lessons that were learned, take heed of the dangers and threats still out there.

Give thanks to those that are willing to do what is necessary to protect us, thanks to those that stand that wall, thanks and peace to those who were lost protecting us, thanks to those out there right now at the tip of the spear, thanks to those that don’t exist, those special forces out on the edge of insanity that the World is that they see, they see and do things we will never know, things that put them in harms way, things that most people could not or would not do, all to keep us as safe as possible. They do these things in the dead of night in hell holes all over the World in places with no names by brave men and women with no names and no recognition. They deserve our thanks, our prayers, we owe those a special debt that we fail as a Nation to pay and respect, they can’t tell us what they do, they can’t tell us where they go and what they see, but we owe them, we owe them our very basic freedom and so much more.

On this day, do as I do, donate to the http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/ and http://www.specialops.org/ especially to the families of SpecOps Warriors who receive so very little when their loved one is lost or injured in the line of Duty for our Country.

Yes today is a day to weep and feel sorrow, but it is also a day to REMEMBER, remember those first responders and those out there right NOW keeping us as safe as possible, remember those that were lost, remember their families and friends.

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