A visit from Teri.

Teri was here from June 29th to July 5th, there were ups and downs and lots of good things and some not so good.

I prefer to focus on the good, first of all we got a long great! Her visiting the short time she was here reinforced my feelings towards her. I know she is my future, the fun part will be making the future happen, there are stumbling blocks in the way. Some are smaller then others, none are HUGE as far as I’m concerned, she may feel differently on the size of the blocks, but I think it is important for us to remember that it will take work and some time to make the future happen, a future together.

Teri is.. a lot like me in some ways and totally differently then me in many ways, but nothing that seems incompatible. At first she was kinda bossy when she first arrived but I think it had to do with nervousness of us finally meeting and having to meet my parents and my uncle as well, that can be overwhelming to say the least. In order to accept me she has to also accept them as being in my life and in tern hers so that will take a lot of tongue biting and getting used to by her. She can do it. I think it will take patience and understanding from ALL of us in order to make it work.

Plans, heh, they rarely work out as written or thought up! The plan Teri and I had in place prior to her arrival was forcibly scrapped and a new one is being written, of course it will only last long enough for something else to come along and change it, I understand these things as I live them daily, Teri likes to think she can have concrete plans in place for the future etc and will have a harder time dealing with that aspect, but hey anything worth doing is worth working hard for and taking the bad with the good and making something out of it all… or something like that.. I may have mixed a metaphor or three..

Teri is… funny, caring, loving, pretty awesome, I wish more people we know could see her funny silly side.  She is someone I could and do want to spend the rest of my life with.