Stuff and things….yeah…

Hi there!

Meh. I’ve been busy working on my house, lots of small projects, rebuilding porch steps and replacing old boards, painting yadda yadda. On the vehicle front, my truck seems to be doing well, I did have to put in a suicide can of freon to top off the AC but its nice and coooool.

In 22 days Teri will be here to visit for a week, I can’t wait, I have to say I am a bit nervous, not nervous for her to be here but more nervous on if she will like it here and getting along with or putting up with my parents etc etc… the usual I guess.

I want to go to Boston to hang out with Jim, can’t do it right now but hey maybe this fall!

I was looking forward to Brian and Jeff coming down but then bad weather happened at Jeff’s and he couldnt make it so Brian didnt come down, I havn’t seen Brian in about 7-8 years, crazy.

Gates may come to visit next week, that would be fun, mom could really use a family visit, she missed family very very much.

That’s it for now, seeya!