When Uncle Gates comes to town…

Uncle Gates came to visit Thursday 6/6….

And with him he brought 3 full racks of ribs! Not 3 racks like you get from a restaurant, oh no! 3 racks of ribs that the ones from the restaurants are CUT from, 3 FULL racks of ribs! And that’s not all, he brought with him a Prime Rib, again, no, not a Prime Rib steak but the entire Prime Rib that butchers cut prime rib steaks off of! Its like ginormous PRIME RIB STEAK that is 2 feet long and huge!

Well that would be enough beef for mere mortal men, but no, not us!  Friday we went to Woodsboro to the Tuttle Meat market and he bought 4 pounds of smoked sausage, 2 pounds of dried sausage, a wheel of smoked cheese, several pounds of hamburger, sliced smoked ham and smoked turkey!

And on Saturday we cooked the ribs and sausage!

Here is a pic of the ribs grillin’:












And I had a little helper with the grillin’ as seen here:







Beer, BBQ, Family. Yup good times!

Only thing missing was one person…  🙂