Truckin’…. or not!

A SLEW of truck troubles has me once again without a vehicle for a bit, not long ago I changed all four ball joints, and then I changed the idler arm, and then the blower went out and the gas gauge is having issues….

So Thursday evening I came home and stopped at the mailbox to check my mail and I hit the brakes and WOOOOSH followed by the sound of fluid pouring out… yay!

So I slowly creep home and get the truck up on jack stands, lo and behold its not a simple to change line oh no, its one of the rubber lines or the metal line on TOP of the gas tank, hidden between the tank and frame, just about the worse place to try to fix it…

So I call my mechanic buddy Jimmy to see if he can fix it and how much etc, of course hes backed up and can’t get to it until Monday or Tuesday AND it will have to be towed to his shop costing even more! YAY again!

Of course I am trying to save up some money to have when Teri hopefully visits July 4th, and I have a lot of stuff to do like rebuild the front and back steps and porch, and some siding replacement and well a whole list of stuff to do including some painting and minor remodeling to the house…  it seems to just snowball into bad news after bad news and I can’t catch a break.