Sequestration for the Army…

  • Definition of sequestration (n)

    Bing Dictionary

     [ skwə stráysh’n ]
    1. confiscating or being confiscated: the act or process of legally confiscating somebody’s property temporarily until a debt that person owes is paid, a dispute is settled, or a court order obeyed
    2. seizing or being seized: the seizing of an enemy’s property, or the fact or process of being seized
    3. going into or being in isolation: the act of going into or putting somebody in an isolated place, away from people or everyday pressures, or the fact of being in such a place
    Synonyms: confiscation, appropriation, impounding, seizure, requisitioning, repossession


    Well as we are in the throes of sequestration and the Obama Presidency wanting to blame everything from HAVING to furlough FAA Air Traffic Controllers (of course it was the ONLY place in the FAA to save money would be to furlough these lesser important people… *blink*) to having to stop the tours of the Peoples White House (even though the President continues his lavish life style and continues his private concerts etc).
    The Army has had it’s cuts as well and instead of using the standby HUMVEE’s as transportation they hav had to resort to other forms of cheaper modes of travel.. this one only requires a few alfalfa pellets and some water…..