Truckin’… UPDATE

Well my truck was hauled into the mechanic Wednesday morning 9am, the poor old guy that came out to haul it in I thought would fall over dead as he tried to get my truck on the flatbed, he has bad asthma and needs a inhaler, well it was only 84 degrees with 90% humidity so the poor old guy was catching hell, he had to use his puffer twice!

He finally got it on the wrecker and dropped it at Jimmy’s, however as I called this morning to check on it he barely had time to even look at it and would not get to it until tomorrow, it sounded like he caught my bad luck and was swamped with hard to fix problematic cars and trucks this whole week, so he called this afternoon and told m what was wrong and it was as I figured the top metal brake line so he has to drop the gas tank and such so I’m having him replace the fuel module unit while he does it since I already bought the part and replace the blower motor that I was going to replace myself this weekend, soooo with all that he SHOULD be done tomorrow afternoon sometime with it and I will be mobile again, it’s been one week, one very very long week with no vehicle, thanks to friends I was able to get to Walmart and buy food and stuff we need, but it isn’t he same freedom as with a vehicle of your own.

Hey maybe my luck is turning! LOL riiiiiiiiiight!