Was it 26?

WAS IT 26?


Livin’ hard was easy when I was young and bullet proof.

Had no chains to bind me just a guitar and a roof.

I emptied every bottle, when I poured I never missed.

I had blood shot eyes at 25 or was it 26?

Didn’t seem to matter what price I had to pay.

‘Cause anything worth havin’ I’d just lose anyway.

Friends worried about me and asked if I was sick.

Thought I’d die at 25 or was it 26?

Those two years run together like whiskey over ice.

Melting into mem’ries like somebody else’s life.

Well I’m glad to say I’ve come around but if I could have one wish.

I’d like another try at 25 or was it 26?

Met a girl from Dallas, smart, pretty, a high school grad.

Just knew my luck was changin’ up to then it all been bad.

Yeah I guess I fell in love with her all it took was just one kiss.

But she said goodbye at 25 or was it 26?

I’ve been down the road before almost as far as hell.

Deception or redemption I guess only time will tell.

But I have faith in the knowledge that God gave us a gift.

‘Cause I didn’t die at 25 or was it 26?