Looking for the way

So here I stand,

Bewildered and confused.

Watching the chaotic world,

Somewhat amused.

Although such an interest,

Seeing other people’s stories.

Why can’t I for once,

Live with some glory?


The metaphorical words,

I hear everyday.

But never at night,

With true peace I lay.

I need my own life,

A new chance to start.

Must determine the center of life,

I as the dart.

Unlike Joseph,

With his “Technicolor Dreamcoat”.

I always stand tall,

As I think of his great quote.


“I know the Answer,

Thrust away the decay…”

He says it with pride,

Maybe I shall someday.

But the sad truth is,

I’m just a scared little boy.

Seeking the courage,

Leaving behind regrettable “toys”.


Such emotion. Such feeling.

Rages within me.

But the Door of Life…

I’ve yet to find the Key.

Oh spirits, watching over,

Help me to re-do.

The lies and self torment,

That I’ve put myself through.


So I continue to stand,

Until this very day.

Looking for answers…

Looking For the Way.