Long Time

A long time ago there lived a man

He had the world in the palm of his hand

Sultans and kings beat a path to his door

He had everything but he still wanted more.


One day in spring came a lady so fair

He’d never looked on a beauty so rare

But he didn’t trust her so he locked her away

And his gold lost it’s luster when love died that day.


I know an old man who lived all alone

In a sad little house at the end of the road

He sat in the front porch in an old rockin’ chair

And everyone swore he’d gone crazy down there

But no one comes near so how could they know

He lost someone dear to him once long ago

He remembers the laughter and he still taste’s the tears

And he still calls her name out after all of these years.


Though he continues his life he doesn’t really care

What happens around him or if people laugh or stare.