Broken Toys

Broken Toys


We are all just broken toys you see

with lots of hurts and skinned up knees,

caused by things we cannot control

our lives in the future they play a big role


We try and hide them as best we can

but they come up to haunt us now and again,

they guide our thoughts and feelings so much

they become part of us and those we touch


The best we can do is to just make it by

ignoring the pain we know that in wait….it lie

hoping to not let it get the best of us

and lead us to insanity on life’s short bus


There is something else that can surely be done

when a child is hurt do not reach for a gun

Reach out a hand and take his In yours

show them that life has many good shores


Show them a world, not riddled with pain

or pocked marked with shadows waiting to blame

tell them of good things and feelings to match

stay in bounds with no strings attached


Hug them when they need it and scold them as well

show them you care and the world is not hell

give them compassion with a good dose of love

help them to understand themselves, no need for a kid glove


Broken children need to learn that there can be a trust

a strong figure they need to believe in they must

for the pain they have and bare with great strength

can be lessened and diminished also with great strength


From the heart of this child to the great open sky

great things can be accomplished and I’ll tell you why

for when a child is shown that he does have great meaning

he can accomplish great things, in life there are no ceilings


I have seen these hurts and pains at first hand

from my mother and father to a boy in the new land

he showed me the strength in the heart of a child

when he was shown that his soul is great and not just wild


When attention is shown to the good things in life

and a child is loved by a husband AND a wife

he can achieve great things, more than they know

for the sum of two parts is certainly the Whole!


I still harbor great pain and certainly great fears

from my toes through my body to my rather big ears

but I can bear these things because of one thing I know

it is not in all of us but it can tell you and show


I have the love of many in my heart and in my mind

they believe in me and what I love about my kind

for we are all human beings and deserve all the care

from those who would reach out and for us….

…………Be there