Awakened by the sunlight,

Victimized by last night.

Mem’ries flashin’ through my head,

Was I just born or am I dead?

Yesterdays forgotten, the morning after,

I can taste you, I can hear your laughter.

Fadin’ in the distance,

Recollections driftin’.

Bloodstains on my tattered clothes,

Each minute the fear grows.

If I could just lay down and rest,

I’m tired of searchin’ for myself.

Is this my blood dried upon my face,

Or is it the love of someone else.

It tastes so sweet, just like you used to,

So rescue me my love, splice us together.

I remember loving you so much,

But where are you and where’s your fatal touch.

When I closed my eyes, was it my siesta,

Did I encounter a darkness stronger than sleep.

I am thirsty for my sleep.

There are no answers anyway….