The President and Syria’s “red line”








So evidently his big speech and warning about Syria crossing a “red line” has now turned into a pink blurry line…. Mr President our enemies are laughing at your cowardice and indecisiveness and lack of well.. fortitude… how many more Ambassadors and Security and Intel people have to die before you DO something other then take pot shots with drones?

President’s timeline on his stance of chemical weapons in Syria:
1st time: Don’t do that Syria if you do there will be dire consequences…

2nd time: Ok Syria IF some of you who were actually part of some group and/or government or a club used chemical weapons then there will be dire consequences!….

3rd time: Well Eric Holder and my Administration can’t PROVE in a court of law who were the perps who used the chemical weapons so w will have to wait until it happens again and we have video and eyewitness proof of the act so that we can bring them here to America and try them in a court of law! And when we bring them here we will mirandize them, (I will have Eric send in one of his wacky judges he has on speed dial to do the deed in the middle of the night) and then they will be tried by a group of their peers…. here in MY America!