Recent beer I have tried.

Beer the magical drink.. the more you drink the more you want to drink…


Ok that sucked, I know.

Not only am I a amateur beer brewer I am a Professional Beer Drinker and Sampler, in fact I have a PhD in beer drinking. I have had beer from every Continent, hundreds of Countries. I like many types of beers and flavors etc.

I especially like German beers that are dark and hoppy and thick. I was in my local HEB grocery store, who has a excellent selection of craft and import beers, and was looking for something new or different. I chose a local Shiner product their Octoberfest small run beer, very good Ocktoberfest beer, a little fruity taste but overall very good especially from a large brewery. So I would give it a 7.5 on a 1-10 scale.

I also bought a German brand of which I have heard of but never tasted, the name is kinda funny for us American’s.¬†Boner¬†beer, no, not that. it has the little .. over the O in the name. Funny name aside, this beer is… different, has a lot of twang to it, real fruity and bitterish with a weird aftertaste, only drinkable ICE COLD, i can’t imagine drinking this beer as they do in Europe at room temperature, yes I know when they chill it to ship it the taste changes blah blah, but my god this is some seriously BAD beer! The aftertaste was like.. well what I would imagine the aftertaste is after drinking skunk piss and scent, yeah that bad! So the grading.. I will be nice and say its a 4 on a 1-10 scale, only reason I say it’s a 4 as the serving cold may, MAY, have changed the taste, it would have to change it a LOT however to be a decent beer. YUCK!

So that is it, those are the most recent beers I have tried!