To those that did it, damn you eternally.

To those who went in to help people, thank you, bless you.

To those who were lost and lost loved ones, I weep for your loss, bless you.

We will never forget you.

To those standing the watch so it does not happen again, thank you.

On this day of remembrance, our Country has been attacked, sucker punched, bloodied and wounded many times since 9-11-01 from outside forces and from our own people, but the flag still stands for Freedom and Honor and Old Glory still waves over our lands, we may not always get along with each other, but the world found out hiding in their rats nests that when you attack one of us, you attack us all (for the most part anyways).

May we NEVER forget those who have fought and died for our Freedoms to argue with each other and disagree about how things should be here.

We are all Americans, elections pit us against one another, but in the end we are still one, or at least we should be.

God Bless America and all who serve her, Soldiers, Police, Fire, EMS, Rescue, Civil, all.