Day two without my Keurig

Day two of life without my Keurig… coffee pots… god how I hate thee! Using my backup coffee pot a Black and Decker 12 cup, man it takes FOREVER compared to a Keurig, I knew I should have paid for express shipping on the new Keurig I ordered!

Oh my Keurig Platinum how I miss thee..  I miss that simple way I pick up your chrome lever and place the k-cup in your loving cradle and close the handle and hit start, oh how I miss the wonderful sound of your pump sucking up water and then heating it just so..  and then the brewing starts….  the anticipation…..  the coffee aroma escapes the brewer and fills my nostrils with love… and then brown nectar of the gods fills my cup…  and then the wonderful bubbling whooshing noise when you are done making my coffee…  oh how I miss thee.