Mead (play /ˈmiːd/; archaic and dialectal “medd”; from Old English “meodu”), also called honey wine, is an alcoholic beverage that is produced by fermenting a solution of honey and water. It may also be produced by fermenting a solution of water and honey with grain mash, which is strained after fermentation. Depending on local traditions and specific recipes, it may be flavored with spices, fruit, or hops(which produce a bitter, beer-like flavor). The alcoholic content of mead may range from about 8% ABV to 18%. It may be still, carbonated, or naturally sparkling, and it may be dry, semi-sweet, or sweet.

Mead is known from many sources of ancient history throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia, although archaeological evidence of it is ambiguous. Its origins are lost in prehistory. “It can be regarded as the ancestor of all fermented drinks,” Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat has observed, “antedating the cultivation of the soil.”


Well a friend of mine who makes fantastic homemade wine made some real Mead this year   well 1 1/2 years.. It takes a while to make this Mead..

So what makes this mead special other then not many make it is it is made from a special orange grove honey in South Florida, the orange grove honey makes it tangy and sweet and man its almost TOO sweet… It is simply the best wine I have ever had, expensive labels, cheap labels, you name it this beats it! The taste is very tangy and very very sweet, have I mentioned it was sweet? It is also 16% alcohol which really packs a punch for wine!

Its so very smooth , I could drink gallons…  it is very expensive to make but man is it good… I hope he gives me some more, I am going to attempt to trade him some of my homemade Wheat that I just put in the fridge to age for more!!

It is indeed a special treat as he said it was!