Refugio, Goliad, Woodsboro Day trip


My mom and I decided to take a little drive out in the country to see the wild flowers and country side, so we started off in Rockport on 35 and went over the Copano Bay Bridge thru Lamarr and on towards Tivoli and took FM 774 to Refugio. We decided to go from Refugio north on towards Goliad since we had never been there, we stopped at the Col. Fannin and the Goliad defenders burial site, La Bahia mission (where the Goliad battle took place) and then to the Goliad State Park and the Espiritu Santo Mission there.

What a nice little state park Goliad State park is!

We ate lunch at the Whataburger in Goliad and then came back on FM 2441 where the wild flowers were EVERYWHERE! Yellows, oranges, blue bonnets, Texas poppies, all sorts everywhere!

On 2441 South from Goliad to Woodsboro you drive thru the metropolis’ of Blanconia and Sarco… don’t blink…  you’ll miss them!

There were lots of ranches and farmlands, cows, longhorns, deer ranches etc all along 2441.

We stopped in Woodsboro at Tuttles Meat Market and Grocery and bought a bunch of meat for our freezers and then came back on FM 136 from Woodsboro to Bayside across the north side of Copano Bay, to Hwy 188 back to 1069 to home!

About 3.5 hours of roaming around

Sample photo from the trip, this was taken on a ranch close to Refugio, TX 3.27.2012

Link to the photos from the trip: Refugio,Goliad Day Trip