Plumbing… ahhh plumbing….

My hot water faucet in my bath tub has been leaking for a … while ….. now, meaning about 2 months. I didn’t have ANYTHING that had to be done today so I decided today was it! Reason I put it off so long is this mobile home is 23+ years old so when you mess with things that are original or been on it a while then yeah its no fun.. this was no exception.

The original plastic handle should have taken a few seconds to remove the retaining screw and pull off.. in reality, it took about 10 minutes and a whole list of cuss words, I finally had to bust the plastic handle all apart to remove it (no really I did have to, it wasn’t from frustration, as far as you know), the screw rusted in the faucet and would not budge. No problem, I thought, it was old, the rest should take me just a few minutes then its off to the hardware store!

It was 40 minutes later when I left for the damn hardware store! I thought the retaining screw was rusty, you should have seen the retaining nut that holds the faucet into the water diverter! I sprayed it with WD40 I pulled and pried on it, I used a cheater bar on a large wrench, FINALLY got it to budge and then come off, inside was destroyed with rust and corrosion, then it was OFF TO THE HARDWARE STORE!

I have several options as far as hardware, Lowes, Ace, and a local called Pro Build (yes its a chain but each store is locally owned), I try hard to buy from the local Pro Build, I was in and out in under 4 mins, I love the place!

I went home and put all the parts back together and voila FIXED in under 5 minutes!

Why am I telling you all of this now? Well I decided to start up blogging again, no it really isn’t for you, it’s for me to keep track of thoughts and things I do etc I have a lot of blogs saved from years past, I was actually blogging on a webpage before the word was being used, I was looking over some of them last night and that’s what got me wanting to start blogging about daily life again, it won’t be a everyday thing, it may not happen often as I lead a boring life, so there you go, if you don’t care what I write about, cool, it’s really for me, not for you! 🙂