Starting again..


Home brewing my own beer….

I used to brew my own beer at home, and when I say brew well it was really adding water to a mix, stirring in a plastic keg and then let sit 2 weeks , chill and drink. It was fun but lost its interest due to poorly made equipment.

Recently my buddy Frank got a newer style home brew kit for Christmas and was telling me about it and gave me the link to this newer system. I thought about it a few days and looked their system and recipes and ingredient packs over and its a little more involved then it used to be. You brew up the wort and can experiment with flavors and alcohol content and all sorts of things including steeping the hops and wheat or barley etc, sounded fun so I had to buy one!

Saw a great deal on for one of their kits and ordered it. Got the kit and cleaned it all up and mixed up the wort and cooked it on the stove and voila, making beer again! This is a West Coast Pale Ale and I decided to add some brown sugar to it for a deeper flavor and more potency. Added the wort and cold water to the keg and sealed her up and stowed it under the cabinet where its nice and dark so the yeasties can eat up their sugar and poop out the alcohol.