99 bottles of home brew on the wall…

Bottling day has arrived for batch #1 of West Coast Pale Ale with brown sugar added!

I tasted it 3 days ago and it was fairly clear, no longer sweet and flat, which means ready to bottle in home brew!

8 Plastic PET Liter bottles with 2 and 1/2 teaspoons of sugar in each bottle to carbonate the beer!

All bottles were cleaned, sanitized as well as the funnel and measuring spoons etc.

Only had one issue on the last bottle as I was getting to the last of the brew in the keg, it was cloudy and bubbled up a lot as it was bottled which CAN cause bad taste or different taste once it finishes fermentation and carbonation.  So once again its hiding in the dark cabinet doing its thing making bubbles and beer!

On the taste test it was a real good flavor! Can’t wait! Should be ready in about 9 – 14 days then it hits the fridge for 2 days.