Arizona Shooting…

Crazy isn’t a political party. This nutbag’s favorite books were Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto (generally not associated with right wing) and he railed against Republicans AND Democrats in his rantings. To blame the Tea Party or the RNC or Sarah Palin for this nutbag is disgusting at best, dangerous and irresponsible for the main stream media to do (in fact they ARE doing what they claim right wing media does).

To blame Republicans, conservative radio, Fox News, or Sarah Palin is simply disgusting, but as Rahm Emmanuel says never let a good crisis pass you bye so you can push your agenda.

This guys ramblings go back to 2007, PRIOR to the existence of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin! But you don’t hear any of THAT, you hear its all Republicans, Sarah Palin, RNC, Conservative Talk Radio etc fault.