I’ve struggled with Faith like most, while in Michigan I felt like I had found what I was searching for. The church was a different animal in those days then it is now, it was focused on Youth and camping and basics of life and church and God.

I was baptized into my church in 1993 in COOOOLD Lake Charlevoix at our church campgrounds (Park of the Pines) in beautiful Boyne City Michigan. I felt comfortable, in touch, inner calm and inner peace, a part of something and a unique community. Years went by and I moved around some to another church campground in New Mexico and still felt the same thing… internal peace, a community, a church, a people. The church philosophy doesn’t matter in this story, I was comfortable in it, I believed in it. A few more years go by and I move back home to Texas in the middle of nowhere not within driving distance of a local branch of the Church. I kept up as best as I could with church friends and family and church news when I could. I saw from mostly the outsiders prospective that the Church was changing, changing from its roots, from its history that made it unique, from what I believed to be the foundation and reason of its being, I watched as the church became more liberal in its viewpoints, liberal politically.

I heard of our priesthood members performing gay unions (marriages now), and directives from our world church to accept gays into the church as anyone else and a focus not on the church members in America but a focus on church members in Africa and other developing nations. While I believe in spreading the word and bringing our church beliefs to other nations and peoples I felt we lost focus on what was important, we changed the name of our church, we almost stopped teaching the church doctrine in these other nations, I could not abide by this, but I was not close to a local church branch so a lot of these changes seemed far away and not overall large.

Then after a few years I moved back to a church owned campground this time in Florida, and again I felt as of old the community, the church doctrine, the belonging to a special thing and being part of a special group of people called to be Gods witnesses and helpers here on earth. Again though I saw our church changing SO much, getting away again from the church doctrine and principles it was founded on, not all of the doctrine was taught, the people of the church were sending more then half of the tithing to world church and then it sent the money to Africa and other nations, we completely lost focus on people here in America and all but gave up on the children’s camping programs and what made our church unique.

I moved back to Texas to yet another of our church’s campgrounds and was completely disillusioned as to the camping programs, the campgrounds, the world church, its lack of focusing on anything here in America, its restructuring of the districts and regions and dismantling these institutions that have worked up until a younger more liberal group of people took over top spots in the church.

In short I no longer consider myself a member of that church that I was baptized into, I don’t feel that church exists any longer, the doctrine, the history, the uniqueness is gone. Our church bought into whole heartedly the political correctness crap, the allowing of gay marriages or unions, I feel the church is sputtering and faltering because of these things, it did not hold true to its roots and its purpose and I think the World Church Leadership is to blame for not listening to Gods Word and standing up for whats right and restoring OUR Faith and God’s Church and Rebuilding OUR Church to carry out its purpose!

So I am someone disillusioned, someone searching yet again for the inner calm and peace a Church is suppose to give, I search for God’s Word once again.