Craig and the Crab

 In this corner.. ·weighing in at a whopping 4 ounces…. · A Texas Blue Crab! ·And his opponent in the visiting yankee corner… Craig!!!!

My friend Craig is here visiting for the weekend from Northern Michigan, we were out driving around checking out stuff and we decided to go by my cousins rental houses on Copano Bay so we toured the two houses and went down to the waterfront and kicked a dead fish off the dock and he noticed someone left a crab trap out in the water!

·So we decide to release the crabs since there was no longer any food in the trap, so Craig pulled the trap up, and tried to open the trap enough to allow the crabs to go free, well they didn’t want to exit the trap, so (even though I was sitting there thinking to myself, Craig don’t do it) he reaches up into the trap and tries to grab one of the crabs…

Well he drops the trap as the crab grabbed his thumb and another finger, so he starts walking towards me with this seriously pained expression on his face with a medium sized blue crab hanging off his fingers, he was able to wedge his thumb out and pull the pincher apart enough that his other finger slid a bit but then the crab REALLY clamped down on and it was mashing his finger nail! So I was laughing by this time so much I was helpless, he was yelling BRAD HELP! Well I really couldn’t do anything other then laugh, but I tried to wedge my key in the pincher until he could slide his finger out… · he finally got his finger out… ·hours later he still had pincher indentions and torn skin from the dreaded blue crab attack!

Both of my parents found it hilarious when we told them the story and both called him a dumbass yankee. ·So later on that night Craig calls home to his wife and he relays the story and Amy his wife laughs at him!·

 Unfortunately no pictures or video was taken. :(·