Uncle Morris part 2

¬†Uncle Morris is being laid to rest today in New Braunfels, he was simply a Great Man, his many untold often random acts of kindness to what could be ten’s of thousands of people in need will never be known to us. His lifelong love of Aunt Dorothy and his Devotion to his Church an and God will certainly be missed. He was a man, a father, a grand father, and a great grandfather, uncle, and friend to anyone that needed him in any of those capacities.

He served his Country with Honor as a Navy SeaBee and was wounded in action (he had amusing stories about his one wound he received and where he got it). He was always THERE for whoever needed him in whatever way they needed help, he was THERE not with a hand out but with a hand to help you up.

He was my Uncle, my Grandfather, a friend, a Spiritual inspiration, and someone that I cared for very deeply and loved. The world is a little bit worse off without his influence on it.

Here is a really cool online Memorial for him!