A day that will live in Infamy…

A little something I wrote in my blog, some of you know my grandpa who I worshipped when he was alive was a Pearl Harbor survivor and truly a American Hero,though you would have never heard anything like that come out of his mouth, he did what he had to do, that’s all he would ever say about the War then shrug his shoulders and go on with his life.

December 7th, 1941

Though through the years this date HAS lived in Infamy it seems as the Greatest Generation dwindles, this date may at some point in the future NOT life in Infamy. So often we the Son’s & Daughters and Grandson’s and Granddaughters and even Great Grandchildren get so wrapped up in our own busy lives that we truly FORGET the sacrifice so many of these ordinary people who became Heroes of the World made to keep us free and safe from Tyranny and Extremism and Facism. So often these days words like Tyranny and Extremism and Facism is thrown around that we really forget what Nazism and the Fanaticalism truly did to our World at the time. I emplore you to READ and do just a bit of info gathering on World War II and what it meant for the World when we joined the world and helped end these monsters from taking over the entire world.

History revisionists try and try to reshape and remold the events of that era and try to say now days that the World would have taken care of its own problems with Hitler WITHOUT the sacrifice of the USA and all its brave men and women that went to war both across the oceans and here at home. But WE the descendants of those brave people that fought the War knows the truth because we at some point in our lives looked into the eyes of a World War II Veteran and listened to their silence on what they did to help win the war. So many of them keep silent on their heroics and their actions and honor and yet I crave for the following generations to understand what it really took for these people to simply survive those times and to understand the sacrifices these people made for us. They didnt ask to be involved, they didn’t want to be involved at first, but after this day the Day that will live in Infamy they felt the obligation to go, to leave their loved ones and their lives in this Country where most of them had fairly simple lives and to travel half way around the world to free Continents and to help preserve the freedom we so take for granted.

Please if you know of a World War II Veteran, please talk with them about their struggle, they may not want to talk about this at first but if they do listen, listen and learn. We all may be forced to enter into another World War against Fanaticism and Tyranny yet again, and here we are living for the most part peaceful lives, will our sons and daughters be prepared to do what will be required of them in the Middle East? I am not talking about our current problem in Iraq or Iran but the entire Mid-East when things spin so far out of control and the entire Arab Nations rise as one. This is my greatest fear, fear it more so then being attacked yet again on our own soil. I have listened to WWII Veterans and I have learned, this Radical Fundamentalist Islamic movement is building into a very Nazi-esque fervor, we will have to end it or our Grandchildren will live a very different life than the one we did, we wont be able to pass on the ideal of Freedom and Prosperity that we were given to us by our forefathers.

December 7th 1941 , September 11th 2001. Two days like any other days in our lives until specific moments that set off a chain of events that changed the World, I hope and pray that we will not put off our duty due to some policital agenda driven by a certain element in our Country.

We must end this Fanatacism, Tyranny, and Fascism.

God bless all who serve and their familes and those that came before them, their fight is the same, their war is the same, their ideals are the same, that’s simply to protect freedom and to protect us from those who want to harm us.