Well I needed groceries so I went to Walmart today Nov. 3rd.

WOW what a huge mistake that was!·

·Evidently today is Social Security, Welfare, and Retard payday!·

Every single aisle was clogged with old bastards with their buggies or their scooters parked on one side of the aisle and they were on the other side of the aisle making damn sure you couldn’t go around them! If they simply reached over and grabbed the item they wanted to buy it would be fine, but no, noooooooooo that isn’t how its done, the old bastards have to STAND there and read every single line of ingredients so they don’t dare get a ounce of fat or a miligram of sugar in their diet! Because god forbid these old Bastards get something extra in their diet and they don’t live a extra second of their life!


If that was all it would have been tolerable, but noooooo· it was also Welfare check day evidently, nasty stinking unclean dirty women that were very overweight and very LOUD and generally 3 to 5 little dirty wild assed kids are running around screaming pulling stuff off the shelves and causing mayhem.

If that was all it would have been just horrible but I would have survived without too many nightmares! But no as I mentioned it must be take Retards from the home to Walmart day today as well, they were everywhere slobbering, yelling and screaming and being pretyt much unruly. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t give a damn if any of these people are in the store when I am there, but then again 3 strikes and I’m OUT! All three groups at the same time was almost tom much to handle!

I honest to god felt like going back to the toys department and grabbing a plastic bambam baseball bat and then heading down the aisles beating the PISS out of anyone that got in my way! But alas I controlled my urges yet again to do things of this nature.