Well my friends….


The end is near, Barrack Obama won the 2008 Presidential Election!

I have to say I am disappointed in a lot of things….

······ 1. Disappointed in the American People to put aside predjudices and so many people voted for Obama BECAUSE he was black.

· · ·· 2. Disappointed in the Republican Party for settling for John McCain as the Presidential Nominee and for the Party’s last 2 years of acting like Dems!

· · ·· 3. Disappointed in CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and most major Newspapers for being so blatantly PRO-Obama, it’s truly disgusting.

· · ·· 4. Disappointed in average people thinking Obama’s plans of Change and Hope are going to take the County in the “right direction”, what a joke!

All of these things are distressing enough for anyone, but the most disconcerting thing is the possibility of Obama seating up to 3 Supreme Court Justices and 100+ Federal Judges to lifetime appointments that the Democrats would not approve of for George Bush hoping to hold out long enough so this exact scenario would take place.

I am cringing at the thought of the incompetent morons Obama will put in place in the Cabinet positions. I am trying to keep a positive outlook on things but well its pretty much all doom and gloom on the horizon!

Well America you wanted him , you got him, just don’t whine and blame me for the results of that, I voted for John McCain! Hmm I think I will go ahead and make up a Don’t Blame Me! I Voted McCain! T-shirts and other stuff soon to be found on my internet store:· http://www.bradleyejones.com