It’s over, Hillary won.

Well if John McCain wins the Republican Primary, it’s all over. Thanks to Rush, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and the rest of the so called Republican Right Wing.

Thanks guys! Thanks for giving us Hillary!

McCain doesn’t fit into YOUR narrow minded view of a Republican, so you have given Hillary the win, Ann Coulter said last night on Hannity & Colmes she would vote FOR Hillary over McCain. Guess what all you holier then thou whiney-assed far right wingers are acting like… that’s right LIBERALS! You are no better then wishy-washy liberals, elitest snobs are all you are, you hide behind your statements of there is no Reagan Democrat, boo-fucking-hoo, I think its terrible we dont have a true conservative but that doesn’t mean I want to help the Clinton’s ruin this Country you profess to love so greatly into the ground. A no vote or non-vote for McCain is a YES vote for Hillary or Obama and 8 years of disgusting policies of the ULTRA LEFT.

It disgusts me to no end to see you the supposed VOICES of the true Conservatives helping the scumbags the Clinton’s get elected because you cant have your way.

How dare you?

You cry and cry and cry louder that you want a Reagan Conservative, well my friends those types only come along one in a lifetime, we have had our Reagan, our Country is in the middle and hopefully on the decline of liberalism running rampant in our society, and it has indeed infected our Republican Party and yes I think McCain leans to the left of center at times, but he is NOT a Clinton or Obama, stop acting like he is!

I hope you can live with yourself and look yourself in the mirror and feel great about what you have done if Hillary or Obama are in the Whitehouse and we as a Party are in the outhouse, it will mean doom to the Party and any chance of regaining  the House or Senate.