Crying Hillary…

I don’t give a rats ass if Hillary cried or not the other morning before the New Hampshire Primary.. what I do care about is WHAT she said during her “real emotional” moment. She stated she didn’t want to see this Country slide back to how it used ot be.. WHAT? What in the hell is she talking about?

It isn’t that she cried, it is why she cried and what brought it on.. Would she cry or laugh hysterically as shes done along the way for cameras if someone kidnapped 10 Americans in a far away land and stated they would cut their heads off unless we freed some of the people in Gitmo?

Shes frazzled, and exhausted and still in trouble even though she won New Hampshire.

She doesn’t wipe her butt without a script she didn’t get emotional, even if she did we should focus on what she was talking about when she was!