Here we go again!

CIA Tapes!

What does Bush know and when did he know it?

Why did the evil CIA destroy the tapes of them torturing the sweet innocent human beings that were being held illegally in captivity by the evil empire known as the USA?

We need a special prosecutor! We must have hearings! We have to have soundbites from every two-bit loser liberal whining about the poor ignorant savages that were brutally terrorized by the jackbooted thugs of Bush’s Gestapo! We MUST get to the bottom of all of this immediately! Time is running out on us being able to GET BUSH!

Yes friends I can hear all of that already, here we go again down that same old tired liberal path. Bush haters are about to begin frothing at the mouth with the help of the US Main Stream Liberal Media and such non-partisan pundits like Chris Matthews and Keith “the sportscaster” Olbermann. Don;t worry it will happen just sit back and wait for it, they cant help it, its the only way they can try to bring down Bush and stop the SUCCESSFUL war now, General Betrayus turned our to be brilliant, the surge turned out to be a huge success, Iraqi life is beginning to flourish and beginning to learn what freedom is, but that can’t be allowed to stand, we MUST bring it all down it will not bode well for us in the elections in 2 years!

LOL poor looney leftist socialist liberal democrat party, lost in the wilderness of freedom and democracy as usual.