I withdraw my support for the Huckster…

I give up! Can one of these Republicans PLEASE for the love of GOD (whichever god or deity you worship) start BEING a Republican and stop ACTING like one?

Huckabee is even more disappointing to me then the apparent lack of caring to actually run by Mr Fred! I don’t want to see Mayor Rudy or Mitt the twit on the ballot as MY representative of the Republican Presidential Nominee! I love Rudy and tolerate Mr Mitt but as the head honcho? NO! Rudy has tried to change his more left leaning views to suit the Conservative base but I see though it as most of us do, and no I am not a Evangelical Conservative, I am more the redneck conservative variety, he would make a great VP so would Gov. Mitt.

Neither one are Conservatives, Huckabee is a disgrace – the higher in the polls he goes the more wishy-washy he becomes, Fred still doesnt seem to want the job even though he has the best quotes in the debates and as of late has picked up his appearance in Iowa.

PLEASE someone step up and try for once BEING a Republican instead of ACTING like one so you can get elected!

COMPLETELY DISGUSTED at this point and lost on who to actually whole heartedly support. I have teetered as have the candidates on issues, between Mr Fred and the Huckster, well I would still love to see Mr Fred be it and I would love ot see the Huckster just fade away and go back to Arkansas. Put Mitt back on the Olympic Committee to get us more games here in America. The more I think about it as we get so close to the deciding days I am starting to think a McCain/Thompson ticket would be a unbeatable ticket and perhaps problem solved!