Stem Cells and You!

Well well, all the psychobabble and name calling of George Bush saying he didn’t care about Parkinson’s Disease and all the diseases that will be miraculously cured by stem cell research because he wouldn’t allow mad scientists to kill living human beings to collect their cells to work their supposed miracles all seems to be a moot point now. The name calling and bashing SHOULD (though we all know it wont) stop because of the wonderful discovery that stem cell research can be done simply by skin cells!

All the bs and posturing by the loony leftist foaming at the mouth liberals was all for not, they (being the leftist scientists) ALL said that we HAD to use human embryo’s and NOTHING could take their place, we had to harvest these over all objections of morality, religious beliefs etc because we could not use anything else!

Now that they have all been proven WRONG and irresponsible and totally false in their belief of what HAD to be done, I just wonder when it will be proven that they are WRONG about other things, like the Global Warming so called science and all of the lies and deceit supporting their false claims. I wonder how long it will take to run its course and when we will STOP indoctrinating our youth into believing their lies and deceit about the environment, it will end eventually.

They entire environment debate makes me laugh when I think about how the Leftist leaning “progressive thinkers” always use Europe as a model of how we should build this Nation, and how they will NOT use Europe as a model for the most part on Environment issues, reason being is the recent study released by Oxford that showed the majority of Europeans think Americans consider the global warming and environment issues to be almost religion-like and they see Americans as being idiotic (several of the people polled used those terms) in their beliefs on the environment.

So its OK to use Europe as a model for most of our everyday lives but it isn’t OK to use it when their way of life disagrees with a strong lobbyist movement within the Liberal Leftist like the environmental wackos!

The Democratic Party – Hypocrisy at it’s finest!