Mike Huckabee is my man!

Well I have to say I was very excited at first about Fred Thompson jumping in the race, mostly because I am not convinced Rudy G or Mr Romney can win the Republican Nomination, I DO however believe Rudy G. can beat Hillary or Obama in a one on one contest.

So I threw my weight behind Fred and all seemed good at first until he didn’t really deliver like I hoped he would, he stumbled out of the gates and never caught traction in my opinion. Mike Huckabee however was quiet in the polls at first but once he started getting his name out and did very well at the debates I started moving towards his camp for the Republican Nominee, so here we are in November on this Country’s day of Thanks and I think to myself its time to throw all my weight behind Mr Huckabee and do what I can to help him win the nomination!

So here we are and the Super Tuesday and all the early Primary voting is drawing near, go Mike go!