When Senator’s Attack!

Oh the week that was!

We have had recently the first known example of members of the US Senate go after and publicly call for the stoppage of someone’s livelyhood, never has a Senator or Senator’s of our Great Country tried to have a private unelected citizen fired from their job!

Congratulations to Senator Harry Reid and his band of hate filled lunatic liberals for making History! You seem to have learned well from your predecessor (Senator Tom somebody….  where is he now?) on how to ruin a nice quiet Political Career, it won’t be long and you will be Daschle’d right out of office if you continue this course of disgust and deceipt! You declare you are going to clean up the Senate and (god help us) get legislation passed, you do none of those things, you then declare for political gain that we have lost a War when we still have troops on the ground MAKING PROGRESS (only in the Liberal world can you lose even if you win a war) which should be treasonous or traiterous (punishable by hanging?), you can do nothing with bills that are before you in the Senate, you cannot even scratch your own ass without someone telling you how and pointing where to scratch!

You lie daily, then when you get emails and faxes and phone calls and bad poll numbers you try to take the lies back, you perpetuate lies like we are losing the Iraq War, like we have the worse economy since Herbert Hoover, like President Bush is the worse President ever (for proof of the worse President ever all we really need to do is time travel back to the late 70s and look at President Carter’s accomplishments and lack of), you lie about Cabinet and Judical Nominees, you live in some dillusional world where every nation hates us and every child is poor and starving and every minority is uneducated and biased against, you sir have no IDEA on ANYTHING that happens in the real world that the majority of us live in.

Thats not good enough for you however, oh no, you must try to tear down the last actual Conservative movement we have left, you wanted along with your fellow lying liberal Senators to tear down Conservative Talk Radio and a certain host by the name of Rush H. Limbaugh III, and yet again the tables were turned against you and you looked foolish and disgusting and what do you do? You don’t go hide in a corner never to come out again, you have the shriveled up walnut cajones to go out on the Senate floor and LIE thru your teeth and act like you and Rush were partners in this! You try to get him removed from the air because you are deathly afraid his message of hope and Conservatism may actually “infect” Americans and follow his lead and vote out scumbags like you!

You call for “fairness” to force radio channel owners to broadcast crap that your own party has tried to and failed at bringing against Conservative Radio! You will never understand no one not even Democrats really like hearing what you liberals truly believe in and have to say! No one wants to hear whining and crying and poor bleeding hearts that bleed for every bum, spotted owl, 3rd rate Country, European way of life and so on! We dont want to hear how desperate and poor you think we are, we dont want to hear how the economy is terrible and how Republicans are liars, we dont want to hear any of that shit sir because none of it is true! You looney liberals never give the American people any credit for having a brain and not believing all the vile shit your party spews daily, you will never understand that radio shows are economically driven not politically driven, if you cant sell air time you end up like….  well like Air America and the failure of the Liberal Radio networks, it isnt anything hard to understand really, no one likes to think of themselves as being losers, that no matter what you do someone or something will hold you back because something isnt fair, thats why your message of being losers and everyone must help me will NEVER sell air time, we get more then enough of YOUR side on the public airwaves with NPR and NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and PBS, there is plenty of balance to go around, you think its unbalanced because no one really likes your point of views or wants to hear them other then you small liberal political base!

You sir are this weeks redassed monkey in the gorilla house (damn I should make a award picture for that), in front of everyone on the C-SPAN cameras on the Senate floor you showed your true self to the Nation once again and showed you to be not only a liar but a failure at manipulation as well, you couldn’t make it work that you and Rush were on the same side in this letter, you looked like you always do a short hatefilled conservative bashing idiot that you truly are, better check your polling data back home in Nevada, you and Tom the bulldog Daschle will have alot of time to go golfing or go to foreign countries and bash the USA. Pack your bags your train is leaving the station!