And the Nobel Prize Award goes to…


Wow he finally pulled it off and spouted his bullshit to enough brainless people who believe him that he, Mr. Al Gore got his prize!

Glad to see the Nobel panel is as biased, liberal, and as full of shit as the majority of other higher learning and so called enlightened institutions.

Glad to see some things never change.

Enjoy your prize as you fly across the world in your carbon producing jet, how much ozone did you kill flying to accept this award? How eco-friendlier would it have been to just stay at home and accept the award? Oh no Mr Gore you had to be the biggest red-assed monkey in the monkey house and fly out to receive the award, the bit of ozone you killed and the bit of eco-system destroyed by your own pride and need to be in the spotlight really brings what you are really all about to the forefront.

Its ok to legislate and make everyone else conform to the strictest environment laws but you yourself should be exempt from them and should be allowed to do anything you want to do bcause you care. Just like the multi-billionaires in Communist China (China has the 2nd highest amount of Billionaires, 2nd only to the USA) and yet the people struggle to survive and get paid a dollar a day in slave shops while the upperclass live in unbelieveable confort, the similarities are striking and at the same time disgusting.