The Republican Debate

Tuesday’s Republican debate was the first for my man Fred D. Thompson with the other Republican hopefuls, and I got to say I am terribly disappointed!

He wasn’t very clear about his answers, took too long on some of his answers and basically flubbed it!

Mayor Giuliani stole the show and was pretty darn good, I think it was too little and too late for Fred D. I certainly hoped for him to come out and be a fireball and well he was a smokepuff instead. I may have to throw my weight behind Mayor Rudy sooner then I thought.

Romney did ok, but Rudy put him to shame on a few answers and I dont think Romney is ready yet, maybe he will step out as the front runner in the next election cycle!

I’m hopeful Fred D. will get some momentum and kick it into high gear but to be burtally honest he looks flat and looks like the train left the station without him.