Congratulations Democrats!

Congratulations for running the Congress approval rating into the ground! Pelosi/Reid For President!

Yes according to the newest Zogby poll the Approval ratings hit a all time low of just 11% for the US Congress, while the Dem’s love to tout how low the Presidents ratings are (29% as of last poll which is 18% higher for you mathematically challenged liberals) they dare say nothing about their on approval rate!

I think we should start calling it a disapproval rate when it comes to Congress, yes, 89% disapproval rate for the Democrat led (or lack of leadership) Congress sounds much much better!

Wake up RNC here are your numbers to start attacking the Libs on, go to it! Worse approval rating since they took over, the lack of actually doing anything (which is actually pretty good since all they do is wreck things when they makes law), its time to stand up and start yelling and try to win back the Congress!