Republican Persecution!


Republican persecution is alive and well in the country.

Scooter Libby found guilty of a crime that didn’t even exist! Valerie Plame WAS NOT A UNDERCOVER AGENT of the CIA, it is NOT a crime to tell someone that she worked for the CIA when she WAS NOT A UNDERCOVER AGENT! Should have been case closed end of story!!!! But the witch hunt kept going and Libby was convicted of the least crime he was accused of!

Now if it was just this case it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

But no, the Libby case hasn’t been the only one. The liberal District Attorney in West Palm Beach tried to take down Rush Limbaugh with his own personal witch hunt and not a single law was found to be broken, oh the witch hunt got its press and tried to smear Rush and other conservatives for sticking up for him but alas it failed. That’s two cases, even that wouldn’t bother me if that were all but its not!

District Attorney Ronnie Earle went after Tom DeLay , seated 6 grand juries, spent millions and millions of dollars and STILL cant get a conviction of DeLay in the most liberal area of Texas with a Jurist panel of liberals.

They don’t get convictions, they do get their press, meanwhile people like Ted Kennedy kill people and get less then a slap on the wrist, Congressman Jefferson RIGHT NOW in the House was caught red handed, Harry Reid gets caught in a bad land deal, there isn’t enough web space to add up all of the crimes the Clinton’s and their Clintonista’s have committed on the American people but yet the Republicans are called the most corrupt party, and people say there is no liberal slant in the main stream media, ha!

Main stream media, the court system are all liberal land wont prosecute a liberal when they get caught doing something wrong, however if a republican sneezes there must be some evil plot behind it and we must get them and put them in jail immediately!

It used to be some what amusing for us Conservatives to blame the media and liberal courts, but its just not funny any longer, they are out to do away with the Republican party and guess what the lazy chicken shit Republicans in the House and Senate are letting them get away with it, enough is enough we need to go on the offensive NOW! What we really need is the Great Communicator back to save us, or draft Mr. Newt Gingrich to take control of the party and put a end to the whiney assed Senate and House Republican leaders!