4th of July



n 1: freedom from control or influence of another or others [syn: independency] 2: the successful ending of the American Revolution; “they maintained close relations with England even after independence”

Simple meaning. But think of what it cost the pioneers and our fore-fathers of this Country, think of the small group of brave people who fought Tyrrany, Theocracy and a corrupt Monarchy. Think of the poor, uneducated farmers and common folk that revolted against the World’s Superpower and threw them off of a entire Continent. With crude weapons, in most cases little or no military training they did what at the time was seen as the immpossible. You cannot repress freedom forever no matter how much you try or to what extreme you go to.

I am a descendant of one of the Signers of the Declaration of Independance, Josiah Bartlett from Vermont. I think of those people rarely, usually around the 4th of July. Think what it was like for those people to taste TRUE freedom for the first time when the war was declared over. Now think of the Country as it is, we have come so far in becoming the worlds Superpower, it is a fine line we walk now to be the bringer of freedom or the oppressor as some like to think of us around the world, they claim we are instituting “our own way of life on other Countries that do not wish it”, who doesnt want to be free? How can those people look us in the eye and say we are the oppressors? We bring freedom to oppressed to people who have been ruled their ENTIRE lives in most cases by Tyrrany, by corruption. We try to bring freedom to them and let THEM decide as a people and as a nation rather then as a small group of people determining what the people will think or do and how they will do it, or how to govern themselves.

All of you who hate us for being free or bringing freedom around the World are jealous, scared, and worried we will be coming to their Country next.

A simple statement told in the days long gone in this Country: Let freedom ring.

Let freedom ring from all the oppression and the lands in which they do not know freedom.

God Bless the USA and those that protect it for us. Bless the troops around the World bringing freedom and justice to those that do not even understand the concept yet. Thank you again for everything you do for us!