Billy Bob’s Burgers ~ Nothing like ‘em!

Billy Bob’s Burger’s, doesnt that have a nice ring to it? Well if you ever unfortunately find yourself in Hondo Texas where it is at least 5 degrees hotter then HELL in August stop in to this local legend burger joint for the “Heart Attack Special” I only suffered two very mild heart attacks while trying to finish this quadruple meat, quadruple cheese, pound a bacon burger and fries combo! It was cooked to perfection and delicious! Trust me when I say there is ALOT of food here on this sandwich to eat, I know what I am talking about when it comes to large burgers!

Did I mention it was warm in Hondo? It is as of right now at 7:09pm 100 degrees here in Utopia at my house on the outdoor thermometer in the shade, the bank display said it was 107 in Hondo around 4pm, thats pretty damn hot for June, usually its late July or August for that type of heat to appear, cant wait until then to see how hot it gets!