Home sweet home!


Ah after a horrible few days in West Texas (Alpine/Ft.Davis) it’s always (usually) nice to come HOME! Well this time it wasn’t so nice, on the way home from my cousins house I decide to call ahead and pick up a pizza so I’m about 20 mins form home and call and the cell phone tower is messed up or something – no signal at all. Ok so I think well no biggie I will run thru the atm machine and then stop at the pizza place and order then come back and pick it up, ATM machines are down, I have 3 bucks on me in cash, so I stop by the pizza place and figure I’ll just use my debit card , again no biggie, well the atm network is down in our area so no charging! So I say to myself SCREW IT I am going home and eating whatever I have!

Meanwhile I am trying to get home in time to play a live event in Asherons Call on the internet, so I get home, sit down at the pc and dsl is down, but not only that I have a virus alert saying I have 14 instances of Gael.worm.A AND for some reason my firewall is down, now I NEVER turn off my firewall EVER I havn’t turned it off for any reason in months and months and I always check that stuff before I leave town to make sure its all on. So WTF happened while I was away?

Anyways sitting here waiting and dsl light pops on the modem so I try to login to AC and get error after error saying it cant run ac.exe etc so I run my normal virus scanner which it finds MORE Gael worm and says its cleaned it, then I run a active scanner from Pandasoft.com and it finds MORE Gael worm, its evidently a nasty little boy.

Anyways I FINALLY get logged into the game and arrive at the event JUST as it was over, yay me! Cell phone beeps and the tower evidently started working, my home phone starts working again, all is right with the world again.

It was the perfectly BAD evening topper to the bad week.

AND I have to go back to West Texas on Monday and stay until at least Friday AGAIN! BAH!