Memorial Day in America

As we celebrate this 3 day weekend and light our bbq pits and visit with friends or family, please take a few minutes to think about and thank the men and women who gave all so that we may do these things in relative peace here at home. This Memorial Day is a bit different for the people who live here in Utopia Texas as one of our own came home from duty in Afghanistan, he was buried in a nearby cemetary with full Military honors, his wife is in the service and his brother is training to go to Iraq, this family IS America, Brave, Honorable, and Selfless in Sacrifice to this great Country of ours. Say a little prayer for a Soldier and his family from Utopia, you dont need to know his name, I am quite sure prayers will reach who it needs to reach.

As the old saying goes, all gave some but some gave all. Please thank any Veteran you know and think about all that have been lost in the name of Freedom wether you agree with whatever war they fought in or not. They fought so you dont have to, they gave their lives so that you may live in a Free Country.

Thank you all in the Armed Services for all you do for us, most of us will never understand what it is that you actually do for us or why but thank you!