Happy Easter!

Me, mom and dad went to my cousins house for Easter, we had steak (T-Bones and Ny Strips), taters, rolls, veggies, CAKE! We visited a bit and ate and had a good time.

I havnt felt like blogging here lately as you might have noticed, I have a million things on my mind but dont fell like putting them to “paper” as it were so bleh..

I applied formally for the Park Ranger job, I am hoping to get it because I need a change bigtime, I am spinning my wheels and its really getting to be a drag. Sick and tired of driving out to West Texas, thankfully that damn house is JUST about done with a few minor things to finish up, I dont think I can take 2 more trips out there without out going nuts on the trip.

Took my dad to Houston this last week for his 6 month carotid artery checkup, hes fine they said come back in a year, got to spend some time with my Cousin Ralph, hadnt spent much time with him in the past few years, weird we used to be as close as brothers, funny how ya drift apart due to various reasons. Funny how the same old silly shit that used ot make us laugh forever STILL makes us laugh and it feels like it hasnt been long since we hung out together lol. Times like this when I am in a reflection mode is when I start to think about all the friends I have ever had in my life and where they are?now, I have very few “close” friends now days and its weird to think how close I used to be with so many people and now they seem to be all gone, live far away, have their own lives, dead, all different reasons but still sucks sometimes.

My how I can ramble on when I JUST got thru saying I didnt want to put my thoughts to paper lol oh well kiss my ass and dont read this if you dont like it, I dont think anyone actually reads this anyways since no one leaves comments or visits my main website, so piss on ya anyways! hehe

This is for me to write down what I am thinking or what I want to say or when I want to ramble on and on like tonight, that’s why I have this.