What am I thinking today..


Hmm what are the random images and thoughts bouncing around in my pea brain as I sit here nekkid in a beanbag chair eating cheetos (Ron White my favorite comedian’s opening line in his act: So I was sitting nekkid in a beanbag chair eating cheetos) actually I am sitting my ass in a office chair in front of this damn computer that I am so addicted to.. bah I used to go outside of my house to do things for fun, now I do them all (wel most of them) here in front of this damn computer!

I am however waiting for Jeff to call me to go to his this evening to work on his 68 Cougar, he got some more parts and we are going to tear the top half of the motor down and readjust the lifters and readjust the carb and the 5 million setting new funky distributor, we just cant get it all to work right to give us the speed off the line, the mid and top end speed and power is awesome if we can only get it to make power right off the line it will be one fast sumbitch, right now it sorta lays there for a few seconds then once its rolling and the mid to topend power band happens it runs like a spotted assed ape!

I am thinking of a career change still, today the Park people are setting up interviews, I am expecting to interview for the job next week but not get it due to the fact of a last minute Ranger from another local park submitted his application on the last day (they tend to hire their own first which I understand). I am also talking to a local brand new camp about a maintenance position as well, I really need a change and a job.

Thinking about my cousin Karen as she goes thru some tests today. Thinking about my cousin Kelly as she starts her treatments. Thinking about where I am going to go eat lunch. Thinking about the insane people in the guild I joined in a online game I play, they just crack me up constantly. Thinking about the hot assed summer we are going to have, we had horrible storms with confirmed SOFTBALL sized hail not tooo far from me. Thinking about finding a new house to rent or someplace else to live. Thinking how long my old dog will be around, shes showing some age finally after all these years, shes totally deaf now almost I have to YELL at her for her to hear me and all she does is sleep in my bed or on my couch and eat.

Thinking about my friend Jim. Thinking about my friend Glen.

Just thinking.