Global Dimming


Ok my good hippy friend posted this on another message board, my response is also from that message board:

Sun wrote:? Check out the PBS special on NOVA that is currently showing.

Here are some other links.
Scary how this gets little press.


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*coughs Sun is a hippy coughs*

hehe you knew I had to say something Sun?

OK after reading this sh.. stuff let me say this: Besides them spouting off scary unsubstaniated propaganda like “Billions are likely to be affected in Asia from similar effects” where is their solid undeniable unshakable Science to prove any of this at all? PROVE with a shadow of a doubt that first global warming due to human existance and its treating of the earth is the cause. YOU CANT there is no proof, any stat, any scientific research study you throw at me I can throw one back at you denying the whole thing. Stop believing the people that hate the existance of humans, hate their selves for being humans and more importantly hate themselves for being born in America and believe we are the most horrible country in the world, they are the true people behind all of this, just open your eyes enough to see it for what it really is.

Am I suppose to believe a reporter from the BBC? That was the biggest joke I have seen in those “reports”, how odd it all came from the BBC.

Look gang the planet is going thru a climate shift. Its really simple. If this wasnt the case then what caused the Ice Age to end? What caused all the eras like the Dinosaurs to end? What caused the great big earth boil to cause all the mountains, all the volcanos, all the lava lakes to form then cool? What caused every single monumental climate change to happen to the planet? It sure wasnt man driving a car or using a aerosol can or a jet flying in the sky leaving a contrail. Come on guys your arguments just do not hold water. The arrogance that a human being can cause a climate change to a planet of this size is unbelievable, I hate to say it but we as humans are very inconsequencial to this planet, we didnt build it, we cant change it, it will be here LONG after it washes us of its surface.

Sorry but not scared of a little dimming, its too damn bright in Texas anyways.?

BTW My hunting theory is proving itself here in a horrible drought year in Texas.